ideation2017 Sharing Files in Many Formats Recap

Kathy ValadeKathy Valade Gerber Staff 💛

Thanks to all that joined us at ideation2017 in Los Angeles!
It was great to meet so many of our AccuMark users in person.

Don't forget about the new Data Conversion Manual. It's a great reference!

New Data Conversion Manual
Starting in V10.4 there is a new Data Conversion Manual. This guide is automatically installed and can be accessed from the Process Tab in AccuMark Explorer. It contains detailed explanations and useful tips for converting data. Consult this manual the next time you have a question with importing or exporting files.


  • Kathy ValadeKathy Valade Gerber Staff 💛

    Identifying the file type and source is the key to success with data conversions.
    When in doubt, there is a new option available in V10.4 to streamline DXF conversions. This feature will detect whether or not you are importing an ASTM/AAMA or a Standard DXF file. Take the guess work out of file checking and give it a try!

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