ideation2017 YuniquePLM Basic Training session was packed!!

Don't you want to know all the ways #fashiontech can shorten the product development cycle?

YuniquePLM is the hub of the entire process, and using it can cut weeks from the cycle.

People came from all over the world to attend the premium hands-on Training sessions to learn the basics and generate tech packs at #ideationGT during , offered the day before general sessions.

Attendees learned how to navigate through the system, create color palettes, add colors (from standard libraries like Pantone and A&E Thread colors), create new colors, and even textile prints.

We uploaded Images and categorized them for ease in finding and sorting.

Adding Materials, associating images, colors, and treatments was also covered, since a style is not complete without raw material components on a Bill of Materials (BOM).

We showed how quick and easy it is to build new Styles through the Line List, by dragging and dropping Colorways, Images, Materials, and associating Measurement Templates to the styles.

Watch a short clip of some drag and drop fun here!

Of course, the main event was generating Tech Packs! It was great to see the how everything came together in the end.

If you weren't at ideation2017 or were attending other sessions and missed it, head over to GerberU and sign up for a number of excellent classes detailing how to set up and use YuniquePLM.

I look forward to seeing you there!!

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