[Accumark] reinstall

CherylCheryl Posts: 1

Sorry that I did not choose the right Category. It just wouldn't let me.

I have several questions to ask. First of all, will it be possible for me to install Accumark to several PCs and then use one computer at a time? I don't mean to use computers simultaneously, but to use one at a time. Somebody told me that only one with security key would operate, so I need to be sure.

And what happens if all of the computers are damaged, even the disks, and there is no way I could manage to fix the computer at all, say, they burnt down. Then will it be okay to use the security key I already have to reinstall the program to a completely different computer and use the program without discussing the matter with Gerber? Or the whole re-installing process is prohibited?

I appreciate your answer in advance.
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