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Gerber joins Rep. Maloney as she unveils new "Made in America" legislation.

Shelby GreenShelby Green Posts: 33 Gerber Staff 💛
edited July 2020 in General
Yesterday, Chief Strategy and Digital Officer, Karsten Newbury, joined Representative Carolyn Maloney as she unveiled her new legislation, the Made in America: Preparation for a Pandemic Act. The legislation will secure the United States' stock of PPE and create a stronger manufacturing base for medical equipment.

In order to for manufacturers to quickly pivot to PPE, they will need to adopt a resilient and responsive supply chain, which is only possible by leveraging the latest technology.

We have created a PPE Task Force to provide with the support, resources and technology you need for a successful transition to PPE.

You can join the PPE Task Force by visiting

Read the press release here:


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