Double Beeps while Digitizing

tidivi23tidivi23 Posts: 136 ✭✭

I am using our digitizer for the first time in a while and as I am digitizing around the piece, there is a double beep sometimes when I press "A" on the stylus (when usually there should be just one beep). Then when I check the viewer screen to see how the piece looks, I can see there are lots of gaps in the lines that I've digitized and the piece has not saved. 

I have already followed the steps to restart the digitizer and host computer and then click on "Application 2 Box" but I am still having the same problem. Is this being caused by something in particular?  


  • Jost LindemannJost Lindemann Posts: 46 Gerber Staff 💛

    looks like your cursor/stylus have a problem.
    Other things to verify: Are there other radio-frequency emitting devices located on the surface(or close to it)? Mobilephones on the table may interfere with the signals and give false feedbacks to the computer.

    Have you the opportunity to exchange the stylus/cursor by a different one and see if problem persists?

    Is the digitizer connected to a serial interface-connector directly at the PC, or are you using a USB-to_serial-converter.

    Best regards

  • tidivi23tidivi23 Posts: 136 ✭✭
    Hi @ Jost Lindemann

    No unfortunately I don't have another stylus that I can test out.

    I am using a USB-to-serial converter, could that have anything to do with this issue? 
  • bcooperbcooper Posts: 17
    I have had the exact same issue. I realised the connection cable of the curser going into the back of the little box was disturbed. It had been moved by the table behind the digitiser. I moved the table away and ensured the keypad cable was secure in the back of the box. The bleeps corrected themselves. 
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