Extract Pieces Annotation from an HPGL/PLT File

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Can i extract the Annotations of Pieces from a HPGL/PLT File in Placed Pieces Order. 
Let say, I've an HPGL or a PLT File Like Below:

How can i get The annotation from each Piece (XL/7/L, XL/9/R) on a simple text file. I've opened the HPGL File in Sublime and it looks like This:

Can anyone help me to understand the structure of the file. or is there any other software to simplify the data. It will greatly help me...



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    Hi, @MuhammadOwais. There is no some structure in plt file. There are a set of HPGL commands. Like PD - PenDown, PU - Pen Up... LB - start of annotation. Annotation can ends as ";", as any next HPGL command.
    But, offen, some CADs mades annotation as segments of lines.

    So. Do you need just remove annotation or extract last ones for pieces extracted from PLT file?
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    Here is same marker plot file generated on AccuMark. But 1st case it's simple annotation - text. Cos there is "LB10 A" inside.
    2nd - annotation is transformed to lines segments. I'd sett system variable ACMKTRUE.  Cos there is'nt LB command inside.  No real annotation.

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     Its so cool.. I would like to share my project that's name is NestHPGL file on Table. It mades created many HPGL format pieces file to nest on Table size. 
    It likes junior Accunest for HPGL :)
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    I think you are not using Laserjet printer for A4 label paper. Because it uses heat system for printing. Label and Thermal Printing is so expencive to printing label. I think the cheap solition is Inkjet Printer with Tank. 

    I need more information about your process for labeling to thing and writing my opinion. Because Gerber has got Labeller system on Spreaders. and I know that It works with Cutticket system. 

    And Also, you can print Barcode with Gerber MP or Infinity Plotter on paper. 
    For A4 Barcode label process is so hard to placing on cut pieces, isn't it?

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