Community Web Interface Suggestion

MuhammadOwaisMuhammadOwais Posts: 250 ✭✭✭
Dear Community Web Development Team,
Hope You guys are doing great. First of all I would like to appreciate the efforts of Yours on this community web portal. It is a great step towards making the Gerber Community strong and i really admire Your working here. 
I want to suggest a slightly change in Your current announcement Post section. Whenever I open the Community home page, There are bundle of announcement post on the top which reduce the chance of user to scroll down and lookup other post at first glance.

I want to suggest a different announcement section on a side, which will be visible throughout all the pages on portal. For Example, My University's web portal gives an Idea about how to Show the important announcements and news on a floating separate section throughout the website:

The red encircled section is for News and Events announcements and which is open by default but user can minimize it on the side so it becomes less interrupted throughout the experience of user on the web. You can move it one the Left side as there is a lot of space there as shown in above picture...

I Hope You will take it positively and Please do let me know if I can share these kind of post in future too.

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