Use of Gerber Material for a Freeware Book

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Hope everyone is doing well on Community.
My Question is to Gerber Officials only. As I've mentioned in post a while back to write a book in Stay at Home / Lock-down times. Now I'm about to complete that book. I want to know that Can I use Gerber's material like Marker Pictures from AccuMark, Hardware Pictures from Gerber's website or any other source, Gerber's products names in My Book.

I assure You that this will be a freeware e-book for educational purpose only and anyone from anywhere can use any of the material from the book freely. I'll also share it on community as well. The book is all about different calculations and terminologies used in cutting room. It may also refer some other software like, Microsoft Excel, PDF etc in it too. So I just want to make sure that there will be no conflict between us after I launch my Book. I'm not going to publish it as it will be more like a blog or an article...

Waiting for Kind Response.


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