Error Submitting Plot

scitexnzscitexnz Posts: 1
We have a Gerber AP100 plotter which is still running great but have had an issue since upgrading from Accumark 10 to Accumark 13. 

Under version 10 we never had a problem but since installing 13 when we try to plot it results in the message 'error submitting plot'. 

If we delete all the files out of Devq/Plotter and the re-add the plotter through Accumark it will then plot ok, although sometimes I have to do this a few times to get it to work.

It will continue to plot fine until the user logs out of the machine. 

It is a local queue and the plotter is connected by a non-Gerber USB to Serial converter which I understand can cause issues but we never had this issue at all using Version 10. Version 10 was running on Windows 7, V13 is running under Windows 10 64bit.


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