Dimension 200 Router Write Error

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I'm trying to run my dimension 200 CNC router after not using it for a few years. I've got everything set up properly, however the ArtPath program is giving me a "write error" when I go to output the router job. All connections to the computer and router are good, I've double checked them. I asked a friend who knows more about the router and he said it works to re-install the ArtPath software. I can't seem to find the disk to re-install the software again but I do have the Gerber flash drive key. I'm wondering if  anyone has any ideas as to what I could try to get my CNC router back working again 


  • Rob FisherRob Fisher Posts: 55 Gerber Staff 💛
    What version of the OMEGA software are you running and what operating system? You can download our software from gerbertechnology.com/eservice.
  • Adam FosterAdam Foster Posts: 108 Gerber Staff 💛
    @malebo did you get this working?
    If not make sure you are logged in as an administrator on the PC and have read and write access to the Queue folder.
    Once we know what version of Omega you are running and what OS you have we can better assist.

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    I'm having this same exact issue at my shop. Our Dimension 200e has run fine for the last several years and now all of the sudden it seems the software is no longer communicating with the router. I'm going to attempt the fix recommended above.
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    I'm having the same issue at my shop! I'll try the recommended fix above. Hopefully it works.
  • Adam FosterAdam Foster Posts: 108 Gerber Staff 💛
    Hi @empyre1982 What version of windows and what version of omega are you using?
    Do you have the Gerber USB to Serial adapter or are you going direct to a serial port on the PC?

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    Hi Adam, so the computer we originally have it on was running Windows 10. When that failed we tried loading the software onto a older computer running XP (not connected to our network). An original though was that our firewall's were blocking something. Neither of them are making the router run. We can get everything up and installed but when it comes time to send the job to the router...nothing happens. Our IT guy is here today and has a laptop set up to confirm the signal is going out through the cable (DB9 to DB25). The command is going out through the cable.

    Also, when we try and upgrade, it says the registry path is broken. So even though I have the password to update and the dongle, it wont let us upgrade.

    Any help you can provide would be appreciated. Thank you!


  • Adam FosterAdam Foster Posts: 108 Gerber Staff 💛
    What version of Omega do you have?
    What version are you at and what version are you upgrading to?

    Current version of Omega is Omega 7 as of 9-11-20
    If you have Omega 6.5 build 95 you should have no problems installing on Windows 10. (Downloadable from Gerber eService)

    If you have a lower version its recommended that you upgrade to Omega 7 as Microsoft has changed some of the files that we depended on to function. This can prevent Omega from installing correctly.

    We do not use anything with networking or firewalls when it comes to Omega and routers.
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