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Easily Upgrade AccuMark Storage Areas

Sue CarrierSue Carrier Gerber Staff 💛

Starting in AccuMark 10.4 you can easily click to upgrade your older userroot and SQL storage areas. Storage areas can upgrade to version 8 or version 9.

Version 9 storage areas will allow you to take advantage of all the new features and enhancements that we put into our version 9 data. See the What's New to review our new updates!



  • Oppp....It's taking huge time to convert big size storage area. To me its time wasting!
  • Lisa LowellLisa Lowell Gerber Staff 💛
    If you have very large storage areas you will still have to copy or move the data, on top of creating the new storage area.  It's a time saver because you cut out the storage area creating step.  If you have large storage areas it still will take some time to copy or move the data. One of the wonderful features of AccuMark is there are many ways to accomplish your tasks, what is right for some may not be right for others.
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