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karo_mukaro_mu Posts: 4
I have a question regarding marker making. Is it possible to set a limited marker length in AM 12 that would be respected also by AccuNest? i.e. in my cutting room I have a cut table 4m long and I have an order for multiple models and sizes. So I would like to set one order with different models and quantities for each size and then after sending it to AccuNest get multiple markers max 4 m long.
Please help

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    @karo_mu. After you set system variable you've restart PC.

    But it sounds like you need 4m long sections. Try to use 2nd page Construction, if i'm correct, in a order to set implacable zones like:
    Left bottom corner = 399,5cm / 0
    Right top = 400cm / (marker wide)
    Repeat x = 400cm


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     you should try below parameter in windows EnvironmentVariables, please.
    Variable name: Max_Length
    Value: 4
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    Thank you so much for such a quick response!
    I added the variable but unfortunately it didn't help :/ maybe I'm not doing it correctly? Did you mean Start > Settings > Control Panel > System > Advanced Tab > Environment Variables ?
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    Thank you Vasyl, sections are exactly what I needed :)
    I have some additional questions though:
    1. is it possible to create separate cut file for each 4m section?
    2. is the effciency calculated with this gap between section 1 and 2? (please see attached screenshot, there is a space between two sections)?

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    @karo_mu. This feature my customers using for laser cutters. 
    They openes full marker in Cutter's SW. And remove all sections ecxept needed and cut.   Same you may to do in Marking:
    1. Open full marker.
    2. Leave 1st section.
    3. Store Markes as Marker1.
    4. Generate cut/plot data.
    5. Replace 1st section with 2nd. Back to 3. But use marker's name Marker2

    I suppose a effciency calculated with this gap between section. Cos you can decrees section's border to 1mm or 0,5mm...
    But i've reccomend calculate effciency not for all marker but common for Marker1, Marker2... that you'll get after separating last one...  Cos each of one will have length for last piece. Not to section's end.
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    Vasyl and Muhammad, thank you for all your suggestions.
    The 4 m long sections are quite good solution but the problem is that the client has an order i.e. for more than 8 thousand pieces (squares and rectangles in different sizes), each of them in different amount (i.e. 726, 508) and the amounts can't be divided by the same number of plies :/
    so after setting the 4 m section it is very time-consuming to save all the markers separately and generate cut data. But I guess there's no other way at the moment:(
  • VasylVasyl Posts: 595 ✭✭✭

    For cut data. The c200mt, for example. You may set start piece number to cut.
    So if you need to cut 2nd section then you may try to use common cut file. But set start piece as 24. Where 24 is a number of first piece in 2nd section....
    If you use another cutting sw then look for same feature there
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