AccuMark AE PDS v.12.2

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Dear all, 

I need your help as below:
1.I have an issue regarding the AccuMark AE PDS that never be used by me and I have tried to create orders, the markers which have been sent to AccuNest v.12 and saved on a destination storage area from a second computer with AccuMark v.8.5 in connection with the PC I'm talking about. Sometimes is working, sometimes not. I need to know, first if the possibility to send markers from a PDS workstation to AccuNest is a permanent one or if not. Because after some time, when I send new markers to the AccuNest PC, I received the message "Status code (31)  Access to this license has been denied (Marking). So, I don't know what I have to let the customer know, this method described before is working or not from an workstation with PDS only. I have to mention that I have worked remote all the day to test all of theseand only on storage area v.8. 
2. There are some errors when converting models from Lectra and from ASTM/AAMA files from an Lectra workstation. Are there some hotfix to improve this or not?Is also related to the AM PDS v.12.2. Or could you tell me how we solve this?
Thanks in advance for support!


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    In regards to point sounds like your license has expired for marker making.  Do you know if the license file is up to date for your system.  If you are looking for a more in-depth check of the issue, then this sounds like you may need to contact the customer solution center by calling 1-800-321-2448.  Be sure to have your key number available when you call in for further assistance.

    Point #2, is a Lectra issue, not Gerber.  Lectra has recently encrypted their data so that it can only be read by their systems.  If the data file is from Lectra Modaris V8, then you will need to check with your partner/vendor and ask them to, if possible, convert from their side V8 data to V7.  Otherwise, I encourage you to reach out directly to Lectra so they continue to be aware of the inconvenience that is caused by encrypting their data.  If you are still having issues with V7 data, then again, suggest you submit a ticket with CSC so a cad support specialist can better assist you.

    I hope this information is clear and helps!

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    Dear Jaye, thanks a lot for answers!

    For the point nr. 1, I have to remind you that we talk about AccuMark Advanced Edition PDS v.12.2, not PDS/GMS, so the Marker Making module is not available. The license is a permanent one. In this context, I tried to create and process orders, the resulting markers being sent to the AccuNest v.12.2 server to be done. Because the Marker Making module does not exist on this station with PDS only, I have chosen for the markers made with AccuNest v.12 to be saved not in AM AE PDS only, because they can not be seen then, but in a storage area version 8 from the other workstation with AccuMark Professional Edition PDS/GMS v.8.5 networked with AM AE PDS v.12.2 workstation and with also the AccuNest v.12 server. Sometimes, the markers are executed by AccuNest v.12 and are visible in station AM PE PDS/GMS v.8.5 in the storage area where they were saved, other times they cannot be executed by AccuNest and "Missing log file" or "Status code (31)  Access to this license has been denied (Marking)" errors appears.
    I need to know if my working procedure regarding the orders creating and processing from AM AE PDS v.12 with the resulting markers sending to AccuNest v.12.2 with the possibility for them to be saved on a second workstation with v.8.5, is the right one or, as a short question, if AccuMark Advanced Edition PDS v.12.2 has the availability to create orders, process them and the resulting markers to be sent to AccuNest v.12 server. If yes, why sometimes the errors messages describe above appear? If not, I will need a brochure where the customer can read that he can not use AccuMark Advanced Edition PDS v.12.2 to create and process orders then send the resulting markers to be done by AccuNest v.12 with the possibility to be saved on the second workstation AM PDS/GMS v.8.5, into a v.8 storage area. Or that there is no possibility to send markers to AccuNest from a workstation AccuMark Advanced Edition PDS v.12.
    About the point no. 2, I don't know what to say. The customer will not be happy if I will tell him that is a Lectra issue when converting files from Modaris v.8 because Iba and vet files do not work and dxf and rule files are not converted properly. I will try to explain him, but I'm pretty sure that he will ask me why he have bought Gerber software if he cannot use it right.
    Any way, I thank you again for your support and, please, try to find out answers for my point no. 1. It's very important for me and for my customer too.
    If I was not very consistent, please ask me questions.
    Best regards!
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    Dear Jaye,

    One more comment regarding the point no. 2.
    The client claims that the dxf and rul files from Lectra can be successfully converted from AccuMark PE GMS / PDS v.8.5 workstation, but cannot be converted from AccuMark Advanced Edition v.12.2 workstation. It's so strange!

    Thanks for support!
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    As I've advised, it is in your best interest to submit a support ticket for further advice and attention. 

    My support experience is specifically with PE, not AE edition. Let's see if someone else in the community is better equipped to assist with your questions.  In the meantime, please feel free to reach out to Customer Solutions Center at 1-800-321-2448 or email [email protected]  Be sure to have your key number available so we can proceed with creating a support ticket. 

    Based on my quick read, it sounds like you are doing a lot of workarounds where you may be best served with upgrading to PE edition, our latest is V13.0, but you could start with V12.2 if you are most comfortable with this version.  You can reach out to CSC Keys at [email protected] for license key upgrades.

    I hope this information is clear and helps.

  • Delia_StancescuDelia_Stancescu Posts: 9
    Thank you, Jaye!
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