ideation2017 - YuniquePLM v8 Preview Recap

Clayton ParkerClayton Parker Gerber Staff 💛

Hi everyone!

We had an absolutely great time at ideation this year in Sunny Los Angles and I wanted to provide you with a brief recap of the session that myself Robbie Pannell and Noel Poyser hosted on our upcoming YuniquePLM v8 UI/UX sneak preview.... coming in 2018!

Here are a few highlights of what you can expect next year:
Aesthetic and Minimalist Design Update
Field Entry Layout Updates
Card System – Visual Information
Emphasis on Critical Functions
Better Usage of Space
Focus on Efficiency
Responsive UI
Interactive Help and Documentation

We gave our clients in attendance an overview of what we've developed so far along with a lot of the major concepts that we are in the process of implementing next year. We are extremely excited to to roll this out in 2018 and are looking forward to inviting clients in to participate in Alpha/Beta's early next year!

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