V13.0 snap to points in PDS while measuring?

NBlansettNBlansett Posts: 23
Since upgrading to V13 I've found it very difficult to select a grade point on a line when trying to measure as compared to previous V11 we upgraded from.  I have to zoom in close in order for it to do what I call 'snap to point' on the line in order to pick a grade point or even another point on the line that doesn't have grading.  I had exported settings before the upgrade, and imported settings after the upgrade.  I also tried playing around with the Preferences/General/ Magnetic tolerance value as I didn't know if that had any impact upon it but changing the value both directions didn't change anything.  It takes more time now zooming in and out to try and get it to detect points when I'm trying to do measurements.  I was hoping there's a setting that addresses this?  The odd thing is, I don't have issue with it snapping to the points when using delete point, move point, etc.


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