Using Arabic in Omega 6

I have a project that will require the use of Arabic language and fonts. My source file is a PDF and I need to be able to import these characters and print them in .08" - 0.5" (height).

I have had limited success using several methods:
- importing the pdf and using omega trace
- using a screen-grab (snipping tool) and then omega trace
However both of these methods appear to be limited by the monitors definition (1080p). We recently ordered a 4k monitor which may help some, but I'd like to be able to import and use the text characters.

We have installed the windows language pack and added Arabic (UAE) to windows and I am able to use arabic keyboard in MS Word. But I have yet to find a way to import into Omega. The only instructions in the HELP tab are for windows Vista, 2000, and XP (we are using windows 10), and Omega software 2.51.


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