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Hi everyone,
Hope all are well and happy Easter, my question is how to set P-PIECE-PLOT cutting parameters, i need to cutout card pattern, we have Lectra flypen plotter, before two years i used Graphtec in cutout but didn't remember the setting also for internal cutting such as pockets 
Many thanks 


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    Hi @Jacob. Happy Easter and all wellness to you.

    You have define knife instead pen. For perimeter as well for some label. You have guess for some label's code, for example, R. And set this label to alk internal lines you wabt to cutout.
    Don't miss the some labels are mirroring, some - no
  • JacobJacob Posts: 3
    Hi @Vasyl
    Many thanks for your answer, i am looking for ready to use label's code's template, there many labels not possible to guess all of it. Changed perim tools to Knife but wasn't enough, looking for MEDIA CUTTING and PIECE PLOT CUTING label's codes any more help please 
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    @Jacob, find neighbor topic about connecting plotter. There i'd post some screenshots with plotter media. There you may assign tool1-knife, tool2-pen. There conversation with @bickin. To do this right button click on plotter icon in system tray...

    The info about available labels you'll find in help. 
    Sorry, i'm far off PC
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