overlaping in cut-file

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Hi colleagues.

i need assist of person who can to check applied cut file for piece's overlaping with not c200mt. I mean anothe cutter's vendor as well Paragon.
Here is scheme where a customer found overlaping.

The cut file is here too. I had to zip last one.

So what i ask. Open cut file in cutter's software, chech for overlapping in specified places, make screenshorts. Post it here with info about cutter's software. With version please.

Thanx in advance.


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    Did you try plotting marker file and cut file and compare on paper side-by-side? Were they overlapped in both marker plot and cut plots?
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    Dear Kathy. The Overlapping are present in cut file. No in plot, not in cutdata. 
    But!!! C200mt shows very small overlap. And Lectra shows very big overlap and not allow to cut.
     Cos i need image from another software to prove a customer the major problems is in lectra sw.

    PS. I got good images from FK stuff :)
  • Kathy ValadeKathy Valade Posts: 446 Gerber Staff 💛
    If the overlaps are only in cut data, the issue is with the cutter software. I think you can prove this with plots. What does Cutworks do with this data?
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    There is not simple situation.
    The customers use cut-file cos cutting on other vendor stuff. That why i had ask for cut-file. And check it in c200mt.

    But cut-data as plot data (i mean data in storage are) is good! 

    next i'd investigate piece and found the reference notch match intermediate point.

    and had recommend to move point.  There are 8.5.0 version. Long time ago i'd recommend update to 8.5.1.  
    And now i check for some issue on 8.5.1.

    And i'd recomend one more to update.  But now customer send me info about issue in another places of 8.5.1 generated data.  I cann't find it in c200mt. Cos i ask anoter customer to check on FK. There are not issues too. 
    Now i asking any people to check on some else SW to prove the problems have to be in cutter's sw.  
    The competitor's representative uses the situation as a counter-advertisement.
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    OK. As for C200MT if you zoom up very high you will see overlap as it is a resolution issue, not a data overlap issue. That is why I suggest plot output. You have good data if no overlaps in actual plot files on paper for marker and cut files. Use this as a competitive advantage. 
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    Ok. topic not actual more :) 
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