Sabre Write Error

wbhburnwbhburn Posts: 5
Installed a 408 recently and over the last week I've been trying to mill, drill and pocket my new deck. Also tested a simple arch path today. Way more often than not I get the error...

I know there is comm because we were able to send the mill and an incorrect drill file to the router. It did mill and drilled some bad holes. Also today I was able to send a simple arc file that was intentionally high Z just to see the path. When I went back to lower Z to actually make a cut I got this message again. Ideas?


  • Adam FosterAdam Foster Posts: 61 Gerber Staff 💛
    @wbhburn Im not able to see the image of the error can you type it out? If you need faster response to this issue please call Gerber Service directly at 800-828-5406
  • wbhburnwbhburn Posts: 5
    Thanks Adam, I copied and pasted into the text area. Sorry it didn't come through. I think I have a fix. Or at least solved the challenge....

    I was composing in Corel and because many of my tooling vendors use CAD I'm used to exporting dxf. That's what I was doing and it turned out to cause an intermittent problem. I was informed the EPS works better. That took care of the issue. But I'm just getting up and running and have lot's more questions despite reading all through the docs. Please check out my next question.
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