Plotter Graphtec 6000-120

COFjanetCOFjanet Posts: 3
When I plot from Gerber pattern design platform, how can I plot several pieces together? Also, is there a way to set the spacing of dotted line so it's less condensed to save time?


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    Hi @COFjanet.
    1. to plot few pieces together you've select proper settings in PDS-Edit-Settings-Plotting..  Find yelow markers please.  ABS - mean keep workplace's composithion.
    2.  If you're about cutting then you have connect and configure plotter as Gerber's SPplotter. Then you may set some cuttings parameters...
    But i'm not sure. Cos last time had expirience with SP long time ago.
    And last time connected exactly Graphtec plotter via window's driver...

  • COFjanetCOFjanet Posts: 3
    Thanks for the valuable info, I will try this method.
  • COFjanetCOFjanet Posts: 3
    Do you know how to space out dash lines (internal seam line of pattern pieces) in plotting? It's taking forever to plot but I kind of need it for sewers to see so would like to keep them.
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    If you wish the some lines not plotting. Then you've edit a annotation table you use.
    There you've set
    LabelS  |    LT0
    Where S is seam's label.

    Another way. Find HideSeam command in Advanced menu Seam's section. But i'm not sure it's present in new versions.
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