Delete block/buffer for a few pieces at the same time.

Dear, All,
I use Accunest and I usually use buffer for all the pieces (static). Now I have to delete the buffer between the pieces with straight lines. The customer wants to cut at ones. I use Piece/ Override/ Block buffer/ delete and then move the pieces one next the other, but I am allowed to select just one piece at a time.I spend a lot time doing this. Is there any function to select a few pieces and delete the buffer simultaneously? Dinamik block/buffer is no a solution, I have to make the changes after the nesting is finished.


  • VasylVasyl Posts: 595 ✭✭✭
    Hi, @EvelinaStoyanova
    The fastest and easiest way is to apply overlap tool. I'm not sure in tool's name. It moves piece on step and allow place it over another piece as well out marker. And you shouldn't turnoff restrictions...
    Example. You've set 1mm buffers. Then apply tool to move piece over neighbor to 2mm. In fact there will be buffers overlapping.
  • EvelinaStoyanovaEvelinaStoyanova Posts: 23
    Hi, Vasyl,
    I try it, but it doesnt work well, I can easily overlap 2 pieces, they seem overlaped and I never know if only the buffer is overlaped or the real pieces? If I have a few rectangle pieces and move the first one 2 mm, then I have to move the next 2 times. Not easy at all.
  • EvelinaStoyanovaEvelinaStoyanova Posts: 23
    Thank you, Muhammad Owais, for your detailed answer. I thought the same, this way is a long time consuming, and I have never tried it before. I will try for sure if you use it in your company and it works.
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