Mapping Drives

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How is a network drive mapped? So far I have looked in Explorer/File/Options/Configuration.

Any insight would be much appreciated!


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    Do you already have the drive mapped on your computer? If yes, does the userroot > storage folders exist in the mapped drive? 

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    Hello Aleon,

    would you please explain what is your goal and which kind of troubles you are facing?
    Having more details we can be more precise with the answer.
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    Hi Aleon. Considering You've a Net Server or Computer and have full privileges to access its directory, Just follow these steps:
    1. Open Directory where You want to Map the Drive. Lets say in my Example I've a computer/server named "\\Net" and There is a Folder Named "GGT" in It. I want to create a Drive with Name Test in It So I'll Create a folder within it: 
    2. Then in this folder I'll create a sub-folder with the name of "userroot" 
    3. Now in this folder, Create a folder name "stoarge": 
    4. and Finally Now in that folder create a folder with any name let say "123"Note the Directory Path of the Folder..      
    5. Now Go back to Test Folder (where userroot folder exist) and copy the Path 
    6. Go to "This PC" (Windows 10) then  1. Select Computer...  2. Map Network Drive... 3. Paste that Path of Folder... 4. Click Finish:For windows 7, go to My Computer and Press Alt Button and the folder menu will apear and then Select Tools and Map Network Drive (or Just Press Alt+T+N) and the Map Drive Box will appear. 
    7. Open the Drive and You should see the userroot folder in It: 
    8. Refresh Your Storage Areas and You'll see the new Drive. The Dummy Folder (123) is useless. You've to create at least one new storage area before You can delete it:
    Thats all. Let me Know if it worked...

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    @Alison Gilliland @Krzysztof Wojcikiewicz @MuhammadOwais Thank you for the insight, as well as step by step guide @MuhammadOwais !!  Apologies on the delayed response!

    @Alison Gilliland Yes, I currently have the drive mapped on my computer. This was a hypothetical question – I wanted to understand how we can point different stations to one location. I will have to do this for work stations that I have pending specs for - and was not sure if any guide existed. 

    I am curious, could Accumark use any arbitrary folder as its root as opposed to the root of mounted drives?

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    MuhammadOwais My computer already has the drive mapped and the userroot storage folders already exist in the mapped drive, however I am still unable to view my style folders in AccuMark. Any suggestions?  
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