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#HaveYouHeard? Over$8 billion is spent on samples. Why not handle them digitally?

Michael CookseyMichael Cooksey Posts: 316 Gerber Staff 💛
edited November 2017 in AccuMark

3D technology promises vast efficiency gains in the design process and consumer shopping experience. Today, 3D technology is complex to implement and use. Additionally, there is a wide gap between 3D design and the actual manufactured product. The fashion industry spends billions of dollars annually on physical samples which slows down development and has a negative environmental impact.

The majority of these samples can be produced digitally and Gerber Technology has made consistent investments to advance their industry leading AccuMark 3D to help customers address this core challenge. Gerber’s mission is to make 3D so “easy to consume” that any AccuMark user can easily use it. The 3D rendering of a garment should be based upon patterns that can actually be produced. This means that you don’t doctor or rework something in the 3D image just to make it look good if the change in 3D cannot transfer back to 2D.

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