MP. Raster error on file xxxxxxx

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Some customer get it few times per day.
At this moment here solution:
1. Close User and Server Managers
2. backup/rename C:\Users\!!!User!!!\AppData\Local\Generic Wide Printer\. Where User is exactly windowsuser logged in.
3. Create new folder "Generic Wide Printer"
4. Copy from old "Server Manager" and "MaintenanceTools"
5. Restart "Server Manager" and "Usr Manager".

The cleaning queue and temporary files via ServerManager not fixing. But add Error getting file size.

All folders incoming ang from AppData are in white list as Generic Wide Printer from Program files.

Any ideas how fixi it permanent?


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    @Vasyl I get this error several times and this is because of Virus or Antivirus effecting the toRaster file of the Plotter Setup. I've dedicated a complete separate system just for the Plotter and everyone is using by Accessing it through LAN. Whenever we get this error, I just switch to a new login (by renaming the old one in "c:\Users\Username" and sing in again with that login and most of the time it solves the problem. Still its a work around, not a permanent solution.
  • VasylVasyl Posts: 561 ✭✭✭
    There's impossible to separate MP software to another PC.

    So here's result of new research.
    There's enough to delete just folder "working" in AppData\Local\Generic Wide Printer\User Manager\.
    Cos there is created bat/cmd for user. To fix in one click. 
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