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#HaveYouHeard? Tim Gunn shared his wisdom with Gerber customers at ideation this month!

Michael CookseyMichael Cooksey Gerber Staff 💛
edited November 2017 in General

Project Runway's latest season just wrapped up (#TeamKentaro) but did you know that "Runway" mentor Tim Gunn was just recently a guest at Gerber's ideation conference?

At ideation, Tim Gunn was back and very excited about where the future of FashionTech is going. While talking to Karsten Newbury, Senior Vice President & General Manager, Software Solutions Group at Gerber, in an intimate one-on-one session, he captivated the audience by speaking about key topics like fast fashion, sustainability and his view of how the industry needs to go through a fundamental change in the way it reflects who their consumer is. Tim Gunn stated that less than 1% of the population fits into the profile of the body type and model that the fashion industry portrays. As for the future of Project Runway, Tim highlighted that after seeing all the technology that Gerber shared he believes it would be essential to bring technology to the show to support designers as they bring their creative visions to life.

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