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DanSDanS Posts: 8
Good morning all

I have a question about mirror, my problem is I have arrow created as annotation, when I select in model flip about X axis and generate marker I see that arrow is in not the same direction. 
Am I doing something wrong or this operation is not possible to do ?

I'm using ver. Accumark 12.2

Thanks in advance

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  • Lisa LowellLisa Lowell Posts: 567 Gerber Staff 💛
    Accepted Answer
    Hello Dan,  The PDS piece annotation does not flip, meaning if the part flips over the Y axis the annotation still remains in the same direction.  What I suggest is to use annotation lines instead.  The annotation line will flip with the piece and remain in the same direction.  You can add specific text to these lines if you need them.  I have attached two documents, one explaining the different internal lines and the other showing what you need to get the word "Right" on your pieces.  One of the great features of AccuMark is being able to submit enhancement reports.  There should be an icon on the desktop with the lightbulb.  This is the problem and enhancement report utility (PERU for short) you can write up your software enhancement of the ability for PDS annotation to flip with the piece and send this to our engineering department.  I hope this all answers your questions.  I added the list of available internal line labels that you can use if you need to add additional lines.  Some of those lines will mirror and some will not if you have a mirrored piece.  Good Luck and Welcome to the Gerber Family!


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