Has anyone experienced AccuScan program failure after downloading Windows 8 update?

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AccuScan was working great until I downloaded an update for Windows 8 from either 10/27 or 11/4. I have tried reinstalling the Accuscan software, and I get the same error. The program will not open.


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    I discovered the reason for the problem today. It was not a Windows 8 issue at all, it was a McAfee LiveSafe issue. McAfee had decided to quarantine a safenet sentinal file on 11/12/2017, and the ACCUSCAN.EXE file on 11/18/2017, preventing me from opening AccuScan. I have excluded them from quarantine, and am now able to run the program.


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    Hello Aubrie, What version of AccuScan is this? Are you using a camera for image files or a physical scanner?

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    Version I am using a camera for image files.

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    Hello Aubrie, I have used AccuScan on win 7, 8, 8,1 and 10 without issues. What is the maker of the computer?

  • HP Envy 27, running Windows 8.1 Pro.
    When the problem first occurred, the application opened, but the second I clicked on it, it disappeared. I got a pop-up telling me the "scanner.dll" cannot be found. It was in the application file though. From that point, the application would not open at all. I ran the Accumark CD "repair", and was able to get the user box back, but a repeat of the original problem instantly came back.
    I'm wondering if it may be a MacAfee security issue? I also use a HP Envy 7640 desktop scanner/printer. I noticed there is the same file name "scanner.dll" in that application.
    Thank you for your attention to this.

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    Hello Aubrie,
    I'm not sure I understand. If you are using the camera for image files, what is the HP scanner for? What company is this for? Are you able to contact Cad Support? I have limited functionality here in this chat and can better assist you through Cad Support. You can open a call at 800.321.2448 or email [email protected], you can ask for me. Lisa Lowell

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    Great to hear you found the culprit and great info to share with others who might be troubleshoorting the same issue!

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