Images not showing in PLM

Michael LockMichael Lock Gerber Staff 💛
edited November 2017 in YuniquePLM

After uploading images we do not get the loaded image but the looking glass with minus sign, any thoughts, please?



  • Carlina BriscusoCarlina Briscuso Gerber Staff 💛

    This symbol means that the image cannot be found. This is most often seen on DEV, STAGE or PRE-PROD instances, where the images are not applied.

    For the sake of time and space, when a production database is restored to another environment (DEV, STG), the images are not included in the restore/refresh procedure.

    Because of this, when the system is brought online for testing, where there were images visible in Production, there is a - symbol visible on the non-prod instance.

    If this question is specific to a production environment, please provide more detail so we can better answer your question.

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