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Omega 6.5 - Detail Edit - Fillet corner crashes

When I want to "fillet" a corner under the "detail edit" menu, the program crashes.
Anyone else experience this and is there a solution?
Using Windows 10 pro, on a new design station


  • Adam FosterAdam Foster Gerber Staff 💛
    Hi @sandrob I haven't had that problem. Can you try creating a 5"x5" box then select "fillet corner" and setting it to "round" and "outside" with a minimum straight value of "0.25". Does that work?
    If not please go to the help menu and click on about composer and let us know what Omega version you are using.
  • Hi Adam,

    Thanks for your reply.

    I did what you suggested.  Works fine.  Omega version, composer version

    Just to clarify the issue I am encountering:

    As you are aware, there are 2 locations from the drop down menu where we can select "filet corner".

    1. When I create a 5" x 5" box and apply a "fillet corner" from the "TOOLS" drop down menu, it works perfect.

    2. However, if I take that same box, select the "Detail Selection" tool (D), and then select 2 sides only of the box, go to "Detail Edit" drop down menu and select "Fillet corner" and in the dialogue box input a value of 0.25", round outside corner and hit apply - composer crashes and completely shuts down.

    I was wondering if others have experienced this issue.

    Thank you for your assistance :)


  • Adam FosterAdam Foster Gerber Staff 💛
    Hi Sandro,
    I have tried both methods and do not have an issue as you describe. I don't see any reports of anyone having this problem and im unable to replicate the issue. We do have a new build of Omega, I dont see any thing in the change logs that says we fixed the issue you describe. The latest release is Omega 6.5 build 95 and can be downloaded from the Gerber eService site
    Once on the site click on software from the menu on the left
    then click on Omega
    This is a 2GB download so it will take a while to finish. Once the download is completed unzip the files,
    run setup.exe to install.
    Reboot when complete and try the Fillet corner tool again.
    I would also suggest trying the round corner tool (w)

  • Thanks Adam,

    I deleted Omega, downloaded and installed the updated version.  Sadly, "Detail Edit" - "Fillet Corner" still crashes.

    Round Corner (w) is handy and I use it often.  However, in my line of work, it is necessary to round specific corners to a certain radius. Example: i may need to round each corner of a square to a specific radius.  "Tools" - "Fillet Corner" rounds every corner on the drawing by a specific radius, but i cant select a specific corner and  Round Corner (W) is free form method of rounding corners.

    Very strange.  This issue happened on an old system. I just purchased a brand new system and I get the same issue.  It even happens on a second system I have in the shop.

  • Adam FosterAdam Foster Gerber Staff 💛
    With the round corner tool you CAN enter a specific radius. Simply select the round corner tool, highlight the corner you want to round then type in the value you want and wait 3 seconds and it will apply. If you have the "property" tool bar displayed it will show you the value you drew and then the value you entered. You can also copy the radius from 1 corner to another by clicking on a radius. create a round corner then click on another radius and it will use the value from the last.

    It is very strange that you have the issue on 2 computers and we have no reports of anyone having this issue and I haven't been able to reproduce it on 4 different brands of computers here in house. Are your 2 computers different brands? Do you have the latest windows 10 updates installed? do they have the same virus software on them? are you an administrator on both systems? Whats common between both computers that you have problems with? 

  • Fantastic, learned something new with round corners.  Thank you

    One system is a BOXX computer, the other a DELL.  Both are updated regularly in windows updates.  the only thing in common is I am using internet from a large corporation.  I am in their building, so to some degree I am on their network.
  • also i use Microsoft native virus protection on both and yes i am the administrator on both systems.
  • Adam FosterAdam Foster Gerber Staff 💛
    internet and Microsoft virus protection shouldn't be an issue. 
  • Good morning Adam,

    See pic.  When I move floating tool bars to a different location on the screen, I have these chattering ghost boxes.  This happens on all systems that have NVIDIA Quadro.  When i reinstall Omega, all problems go away. 

    The Dell system has a NVIDIA Gforce GTX card.

    could the video card cause this? A few hours into designing all problems come back.


  • Adam FosterAdam Foster Gerber Staff 💛
    Looks like a video problem, Have you updated the video drivers to the latest versions?
    If you reboot the computer does that clear it up or is it only when you re-install?
  • restarted computer, issue reappears immediately.  the only time it goes normal is after a fresh re-install for a few days.
  • Video drivers up to date.  Computer is Brand new, 1 month old. haha.  I really appreciate your help.
  • Adam FosterAdam Foster Gerber Staff 💛
    edited January 21
    Where are you located? 
  • Windsor Ontario Canada
  • Adam FosterAdam Foster Gerber Staff 💛
    ok, at this point its probably best for you to install the "Gerber Problem and enhancement report utility." This is located on the omega 6.5 build 95 disk image under MISC then PERU then run the setup.exe.
    This wont fix the problem but will allow you to submit a crash report with your computer info attached. so once peru is installed run omega as normal and if it crashes the Gerber PERU program should open, fill out all of the info with as much detail as you can and submit it. 
  • Ok, I will do that.  Thank you
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