Why does my Gerber Sabre 408 get stuck in processing, then freezes, looses files

Why does my Gerber Sabre 408 gets stuck in processing,  then freezes, looses files.
Sometimes it makes it and it cuts a small project,  majority of the time it looses the files or cuts a part of it then the file seems to disappear as if it completed the job.
Could it be a network cable, Software malfunction, or hardware defect?   I've exhausted all my own tech savy(didn't take too long:)
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.  


  • Adam FosterAdam Foster Posts: 86 Gerber Staff 💛
    Hi @Reimenator,
    It is hard to troubleshoot an issues such as you describe on this forum. I would start with checking the cable going from the PC to the Sabre. If you see any wear points on the cable I would recommend replacing it. If that cable looks good check the connections on the control box, disconnect and reconnect the cables and check for wear going from the control box to the motors and components on the Sabre. With the power to the sabre off try moving the cables and then powering up the sabre and see if anything changes. its possible a cable has a short or it could be an issue with the boards.
    As with any issue where equipment was working then stops I would recommend you contact Service. If  you are located in the United states they can be reached at 800-828-5406 if you are outside of the USA please contact your Gerber authorized distributor. For a list of Distributors please visit  https://www.gerbertechnology.com/contact-us/sign-graphics-contacts/

  • ReimenatorReimenator Posts: 2
    Ok so I ordered the new cable,  very pricey...works great....ish.     Had one project that continued to stop for processing,  I was able to hit pause and then only when the motor stopped could I start it to continue.   It dumped the file twice on me.   My xy speed was 10mm/sec with 20k rmp.   a 20min job turned into 3hrs.   Would the slow speed cause issue?
  • Adam FosterAdam Foster Posts: 86 Gerber Staff 💛
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    Speed won't cause any issues, but it could be your computer going to sleep. Turn off your screen saver and any power saving functions on the PC. Are you using the Gerber USB to serial adapter? If yes turn off "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power" on the USB root hubs (all of them) in windows device manager. 
    If that's not present then I would call service as mentioned above. 
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