AM-PE-V 10.2 CSV Marker Issue in AN-MC-V 12.2

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Customer Using AM-PE-PDS/GMS – V10.2, But Recently Customer Purchased AN-MC-V12.2, So we Install Accunest V 12.2 in a Separate PC (Win10 Pro 64 bit 16 GB RAM)  with Full installation, and We installed V12.2 Accunest JOB Submitting in  AM-PE V10.2 System,  We mapped the Queue Window and Mapped the Storage Drive also, 

But We Didn’t found Accunest in Right Click Send to Menu in Accumark Explorer , SO we Uninstall the V12.2 Job Submitting and Installed Accunest Job submitting in the same Pc now we found the Accunest in Right Click Send to Menu, in that we can able to send only SOLID Markers, ( Issue with the Sectional and Shade Zones (By Bundle or By Size), when we select the Shade zones & By Bundle and we grouped the Bundles in the Shade zone Popo up window and Submitted, after that marker are running as like the Solid Markers ( No Shade zone Grouping is Happening ), 

But in Accunest V12.2 Pc if we Run in Server the Group Marker is Happening,


  • Lisa LowellLisa Lowell Posts: 569 Gerber Staff 💛
    I would strongly recommend you upgrade your AccuMark to be the same version of AccuNest.  The job submission station MUST BE the same version as the full install of AccuNest. 
    If the 12.2 job submission does not work with the AccuMark 10.2 you must upgrade your AccuMark or manually submit the markers from the Full install station.

  • ArunArun Posts: 12
    Thankyou Lisa 
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