Plotter Configuration USB to RS232 DP25 Adapter

mikestanmikestan Posts: 2

I am upgrading some of my computers that are attached to my Graphtec FC2250 Plotters and having a difficult time getting the computer to communicate with the plotter.

The new computers unfortunately do not have a serial port (Micro form factor) so I am forced to use an adapter. After installing the driver for USB to RS232 adapter I see the com port in Gerber Device setup however Plot Queue shows the status as "Error" without much more information. From my understanding USB-RS232 adapters might not all be compatible, wondering if this is the case and if there is a specific adapter that I should look to purchase from Gerber?

Alternatively, my plotter also has a USB connection, I have installed the USB driver for the plotter however USB connection isn't visible under SP-200 device type and I assume that device is RS232 only. I tried WinDev device type but get Plotter Fatal error 45900 when trying to plot. 

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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