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ABB 880 error code 7510

Our machine has error code 7510 on abb 880 when we start to cut. What is the reason of this problem, all cables are ok.


  • Krzysztof WojcikiewiczKrzysztof Wojcikiewicz Posts: 37 Gerber Staff 💛

    it can indicate hardware problem or you can face a configuration mismatch.
    You say that error occur when you start cutting - does it mean you can turn ON vacuum and keep it on the table and there will be no error on VFD? 
    Do you have an error also while operating VFD in LOCal mode?

    Hard to say without having additional information, cutterimagebackup file, EtherCAT status of the nodes. A movie showing vac vfd FECA1 module from power ON moment untill error would be also helpful.

  • ntho90ntho90 Posts: 23
    I don't know why, but when we install window and software, it worked
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