Blade straightness

We occasionally get bent blades from cutting tough materials for shoes.
My question is, what ,or how much of a bend in the blade is deemed acceptable ?  Can we get away with a little ? Currently our maintenance group are checking the blade straightness by eye, and I am questioning the accuracy of this procedure.


  • Jost LindemannJost Lindemann Posts: 34 Gerber Staff 💛

    a bend blade has severe negative impact on cutting quality. Depending on your quality-rules, you may tolerate such blades and their impact on cutting. 

    The recommendation is : replace always a bend blade !! There are no tolerances given by GERBER. Blades have to be straight !

    A bend blade makes the KI-results unprecdictable, if KI is available.

    You should investigate why a blade gets bend: is the c-axis-heading correct, do you cut small circles with high speed , etc.

    Best regards

  • DougWDougW Posts: 17
    Thank you Jost. I wanted to make sure of blade requirements. The material we are cutting is a tougher fabric liner for shoes. If cutting a larger marker we normally change the blade after cutting due to a slight bend caused by the material. The main issue now, is the patterns not cutting correctly. Parts are either distorted, or smaller than they should be. We cut 12 layers, the top 6 layers are undersized slightly and the bottom 6 are frequently coming out smaller than the top and/or distorted..
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