Heel cut

How can I fix heel cut when line on line cutting?


  • ntho90, Depending on the machine type you may be able to reduce the Lead In (if using a Paragon) or by increasing the Advance Before Plunge (if on C200).

    Could you attach the cut file and let me know where the issue is?
  • I do see overlaps in the data which certainly would cause such a nick.

    Overlaps are caused from saving the Cut data format in 4.2. hen doing a Cut Generation.

    If in your Cut Generation Cut Options, you change your data format from 4.2 Data to 4.3, you will not have overlap as displayed in the photo.

    The 4.2 vs 4.3 format is simply a resolution factor.  The 4.2 data only goes out to hundredths of an inch (xxxx.xx = 4.2) , where 4.3 will go out to thousands of an inch (4.3 = xxxx.xxx).

    The overlaps in 4.2 data occur due to the AccuMark piece data and marking making positioning being created and nested at higher resolution then hundredths of an inch, and when doing a Cut Generation and turning the marker in to Cut Data, the data is being truncated to hundredths of inch which causes the second digit to the right of the decimal (the hundredths) to be rounded up or down based on the thousandths or third digit to the right of the decimal.

  • Thanks for your help
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