MarkPlot.exe crashes

rahulrahul Posts: 37 Channel Partner Member
Why does MarkPlot.exe crash when debugging tools (like ProcessDump) is running?



  • bickinbickin Posts: 86 ✭✭
    Could  you give more information about issue?

    Mostly I show error about MarkPlot. your translation Data function occurs error to crash MarkPlot window when you will send a marker. 

    Solition is, change your default printer to another printer in Windows printer setting.
  • rahulrahul Posts: 37 Channel Partner Member
    Hi Bickin

    This issue is coming mainly in a system which has Trend micro apex one installed where mark plot crashes. We tried all possible ways to avoid this crash but no success. Later we uninstalled the antivirus and all worked fine. Trend Micro team has asked the above question for us to answer. 
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