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Good morning everyone!
I have two questions about the swap cut/sew functions and piece descriptions which i d like to ask here as this seems to be the best place for these sort of questions :)

When exporting as DXF, is it always necessary to swap the cut/ sew lines on seam allowance in the final stage?
I have had a discussion with a friend wether this makes a difference in how other software, such as Lectra are able to pick up the cut/sew lines- or if it possibly even creates problems if those are swapped when cutting software is used in production? 

For the piece descriptions:
I have heard about piece descriptions and Fabric description column not showing up for production, although they were filled out in the model editor before exporting as DXF.
I always assumed that as long the piece-description was not only filled out while in PDS, but also in the model editor, this information would be saved in the DXF. Is this correct?
(And therefore also readable for software other than Gerber).
This is in V10, I believe.

Apologies for the long text!
Thank you so much for your help so far!


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    ASTM DXF requires the seams to be saved on the inside of the piece, saving with the cut lines on the outside. You should also check the option on Import to "Generate Seam Properties". Piece Description is a component of the piece. If you create/edit this information in the model editor be sure you have the piece column in "rename mode" or it will not save it to the piece. Right click over the piece column to select it.

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    Thank you so much, Kathy! That was what I was assuming, so very good to finally have a confirmation.
    I Have done a few Gerber courses in the past as I switched to Gerber through work.
    But these basics don't tend to be contents in the classes (they are often mainly about functions).
    Do you have a resource you would recommend which talks about these basics?
    Thank you so much!
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    Excellent! Glad this was helpful.

    I would suggest reading up on the changes since V8.5 in the What's New Previous folder in AccuMark documentation. The icon shortcut on the desktop for the "AccuMark Vx" has these cumulative documents available to you in C:\ProgramData\Gerber Technology\Training Docs\AccuMark Documentation\Whats New Previous.  These documents provide the history of all updates on functions, especially the model editor changes. Regarding "Rename" mode, this has been around a long time! It's subtle but very useful and convenient. Also, many topics are updated in the Online Help. Just click on the question mark in the upper right corner from within an AccuMark form or the main application like AM-Explorer and you will see many topics related to specific searches. Keep your search simple to get more information. If you need specific instructions on areas that need reinforcement, you can always request individual instruction which are referred to as "Power Hours". Here you can have a training session over the phone, while the trainer is remoted to your system to cover specific topics. If this interests you, please let me know so we can connect with you offline.

    Most importantly, be sure you have signed up on for course availability. We have a large inventory of recorded courses and virtual-instructor led classes (VILTS) as well as dates for live courses taught in-person in a traditional classroom environment. Please check these training opportunities and let me know if you need further clarification.  Thanks!
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    Thank you so much! Will go through all of these resources! 
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