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#FlashbackFriday: ideation 2017!

Michael CookseyMichael Cooksey Gerber Staff 💛
edited November 2017 in General

Hi, everyone! It's hard to believe that this year's ideation conference officially wrapped up this time last week. What an amazing conference! As our GM, @Newbk mentioned to me yesterday, you really have to be there to experience the special energy of the event and the people.

For me personally, I absolutely adored having the chance to meet so many of you in person and learn about your workdays and how we can help simplify your workflows. As the administrator of this community, I want this platform to be a place for us to engage and collaborate with one another. Many of you in the interactive studio space told me about your desire to have more opportunities to connect with Gerber staff, as well as one another, and my mission is to make this community that place for you.

What were your favorite moments from ideation? Will you be attending next year? Share your thoughts, notes, and photos in the comments!

(An international Michael summit: behind-the-scenes snapshot of myself and @Michael [Michael Lock] from the UK, working hard on our presentation. I loved getting to meet Gerber team members from around the US -- and the world!)



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