Missing notches on unblocked pieces in cutfile

VasylVasyl Posts: 570 ✭✭✭
not got accept prov from problem report cos post here

Same bug as v 10.3, v 11, v 12.1

After unblock pieces - set block to 0 or switch tu buffer notches not apperes.
A pieces come to cutdata without nnotches.

1. buffer.jpg
The   collars   got   1sm  buffer.  1st  collar left 1sm buffer. 2nd -
buffer set to 0.  3rd  - 0 block. 4th - switch to 1sm block.
Just pieces with block, even 0, came to cut file without notches.

2. block.jpg
The  collars  got  1sm block. 1st collar switch to 1sm buffer. 2nd - 0
buffer.  3rd  - 0 block. 4th - left 1sm block.  All pieces came to cut
file without notches

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