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I need to convert Weight value to Metric from inch unit in APN file parameter.
How can I convert Weight="0.0002730882" value to metric system value?
What is the multiplier of this value?
I have not found any fixed value.

For exam my Fabric notes is that
<Fabric Category="" Width="62.9921399912" Cost="0.3048" Weight="0.0002730882" Selvage="1.1811023622" EndLoss="1.5748" DamageFactor="0.03" DistanceBetweenSpreads="4.7244094488" Comment="">
        <RollType Color="Color" Width="62.99213" Cost="0.3048" Weight="0.0002730882" Selvage="1.1811" ShrinkStretchX="-12" ShrinkStretchY="-1" EndLoss="1.5748" DamageFactor="0.03" AverageRollLength="0" RollQuantity="0" IsIncluded="true" />

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  • Cindy RodriguezCindy Rodriguez Posts: 24 Gerber Staff 💛

    To convert the Weight value to metric from inches, you want to make sure that you are under the right storage area. Also, make sure that your P-User Environment in the storage area is set up under Metric.

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    Hi Cindy, 

    I want to write software to take information from Costumer ERP DB to create APN (XML) file and then open and calculate in Accuplan.

    I have gr/m2 value in ERP DB, and I want to write this value in Weight parameter value. 
    This night, I thought that I give 1 gr/m2 in weight value in Accuplan and than save APN, I fount the value is "2.27573E-05" but I don't know what is the value about?
    1 gr/m2 = 2.27573E-05 (Accuplan Weight Unit)

  • Cindy RodriguezCindy Rodriguez Posts: 24 Gerber Staff 💛
    Hello Bickin,

     May you please send an image and work order (.apn) to see where exactly this information appears.

    Thank you.

    -Cin R
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