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When we try to start the webPDM ImageProcessor, we receive a Run-Time error ‘13’ Type mismatch

  1. Right click >>Properties on the Image Processor short cut, and make sure "Run this program in compatibility mode" is NOT enabled.

  2. Edit the registry on the system running the image processor.
    Start> Run>> Edit HKEY Local Machine>> webPDM>>ImageProcessor ... delete all of the keys EXCEPT (Default)

  3. In Windows:
    If you have a 32 bit server, you will just have a \Windows\ system 32 folder
    If you have a 64 bit server, you will have a \Windows\syswow folder

  4. If you see a syswow folder, while running 32 bit Windows, delete it

  5. Launch your webPDM Image Processor


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    Don't forget to backup the IPConfiguration.xml located on the image processor in the WebPDM\ImageProcessor before you start the application. This file is your image configuration settings. You will want that file back if something should go wrong. 
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