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GTXL Servo Jitter & Drift

Having trouble with our trusty old GTXL...

Just started happening today, so far about 10 times, for no apparent reason.

Y axis occasionally 'jitters' during cutting, at which time it loses its position control, so that it becomes several mm or up to several cm out of position in the Y axis.
No error message on the screen, it just keeps cutting as if nothing was going wrong.

Also, sometimes when the cutting head should be stationary, it jitters and 'drifts' out of position, at which time we have to hit the e-stop to stop the movement.

We tried swapping in a new Y-axis motor, no luck. Also checked all connectors and wires, all looking good.

Thanks in advance for any advice!

Welcome to call my cell if that's easier than typing. 646-372-1855



  • wilson_daiwilson_dai Posts: 4 Gerber Staff 💛
    Occasional problems are usually caused by intermittent poor contact or voltage fluctuations. I would suggest to replace the cable/wires instead of just checking ( Especially for the encoder).  and may be have a look if any Mechanical sliding on Y axis.
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