Marker maker to Illustrator

Is there a way to export marker to Adobe to Illustrator? The export format on the marker maker is not supported by the Illustrator. We just need to take nested patterns to work on the illustrator. 


  • Kathy ValadeKathy Valade Gerber Staff 💛
    edited September 2019
    You can export a marker to Standard DXF which is what Illustrator supports.
    It is located in the Data Conversion Utility under Export menu. Alternatively, you can also generate a marker plot file with the DOS File option and the plot file type set to DXF in the marker plot processing options. 

  • Cindy RodriguezCindy Rodriguez Gerber Staff 💛

    You are able to Export a Marker from AccuMark into Illustrator by converting the Marker into a Standner DXF file.


    1. Open DCU (Data Conversion Utility)

    2. Make sure to be under “Export from AccuMark”

    3. Illustrator  can import a Standard DXF file, so make sure that under “File type” to select on “Standard DXF”
      a. Follow image steps  1-5to process the DXF file

    4.  Locate the DXF marker file and open it in Illustrator 

    -Cin R

  • Amazing, thank you.
    Used to save as dxf previously in Optitex, need to work more with the data conversion utility.
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