Draft or 3D

I do not know what to do with this popup. What will my selection cause or prevent?


  • Cindy RodriguezCindy Rodriguez Gerber Staff 💛

    This prompt is displayed only once the very first time the user invokes PDS and if the feature(s) are available for allocation.

    To remove the selection, go into Edit-Preferences - General tab- and deselect the choice(s) no longer needed in the “Reserve Features section of the dialog. A restart of PDS is required to release the deselected features/functions.

    The users of the network license are not informed when the feature(s) are released, the user who needs the feature will only know the feature(s) is available on startup of PDS if the prompt is displayed.

    -Cin R
  • So does it make a difference if either Draft, 3D, or both are selected? My class start time is 9:00 am tomorrow morning.
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