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jmoshjmosh Posts: 3
Can anyone tell me how to add "op stops" to my fabric programs? I design from AutoCAD and then I import the files to Accumark then out to the Gerber. However, my operator keeps telling me that she needs Op Stops due to the unique fabric. HELP...


  • Kathy ValadeKathy Valade Posts: 523 Gerber Staff 💛
    You need to add an internal label of "C" on the pieces that need to be stopped at the cutter.

    OpStop – a point that signals the cutter to stop.  On critically matched pieces, this point is used to reposition the cutting head before it cuts the perimeter of the piece.  This is the first point of the piece that the cutter will recognize.

    Line Labels – enter additional labels (ie: "C") and set the tool to use in the P-Cutter Parameter Table.  Tool choices are Drill1, Drill2 (if equipped), Opstop, Knife, Labeller, Pen.  If an internal should be ignored in the cut file, enter the label and leave the Tool field blank.

  • David OrsiniDavid Orsini Posts: 25 Gerber Staff 💛
    In AutoCad create a layer called Op Stop, using that layer you created place a point where you want the Op Stop to be and then open the piece in Cutworks. Go to Layer settings and change the Setting for Op Stop points from Point to Op Stop by Right clicking on the word Point to the right of the Op Stop layer name.  Under the Edit Menu in CutWorks select Set match Points and the point will now be an Op Stop and can be locked to a Fabric Grid for match locations.

  • maheshmvmaheshmv Posts: 40 Channel Partner Member
    Can we add more then one opstop in one single piece if it is yes pls advice us in details
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