Creating Marker (instead of Order) Using CSVIMPRT

Recently I've been gone through Your CSVIMPRT Tool. I've Successfully created orders using it and Now digging in deeper with that I'm embedding that functionality in my ERP for Mass Markers production. But the thing is that it only creates the Orders and we have to Manually process the Markers by going to that SA and selecting all the orders. Is there any way that it generates the Markers automatically too? And (asking for big thing), Can it send them to AccuNest too?

Thanks in Advance...


  • Kathy ValadeKathy Valade Gerber Staff 💛
    CSV is an import and query tool for values that import into AccuMark forms. It does not make the marker, however you can incorporate your orders into Batch Processing and generate the orders automatically and send them to AccuNest and made markers to plot or cut process.  Batch Processing has the ability to receive the orders as they are created and process automatically without selecting them. It is part of AccuMark so you can read up on it in the Online Help.

    Automark Edit can be used to make the marker automatically but that is not going to make the best marker for utilization savings. AccuNest has the most powerful multi-core processing and algorithms for piece placement and marker output. Please contact your sales rep if you would like additional information on that product. 
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