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What does error 2 mean and how to fix it? in accuplot 320

david_velodavid_velo Posts: 12
edited September 2019 in Plotter
when I press enter error 2 appears


  • Alex MartinezAlex Martinez Posts: 10 Gerber Staff 💛
    It seems that this is your problem- X HCTL ERROR (Error #2) - An error has been discovered with the X AXIS HCTL-1000 Motion Control IC. This chip is located on the Control Board. Board replacement is recommended.

  • Jost LindemannJost Lindemann Posts: 34 Gerber Staff 💛
    Hi David,

    since errormessages may change due to firmware-updates, please provide your FirmWare-Version (will be shown at startup).
    Since numbers are not really meaningfull, please provide the error-text as well.

    By the way: a common error you may get after pressing ENTER is caused by the carriage sitting on a overtravel-limitswitch. Push the carriage manually off the limitswitches and try again.

  • david_velodavid_velo Posts: 12
    the version is 10.3.0 and the error says status fault detected.
    and try to do that and it is not solved
  • Jost LindemannJost Lindemann Posts: 34 Gerber Staff 💛

    if nothing helps, contact your local service-represenative. Maybe there is an electronic fault.

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