When I imported my file, it had said the fabric names weren't acceptable and had assigned a letter instead.  How do I change it so that in editor, I can put the name that I want?  It seems that it doesn't like certain symbols or amount of characters.  Created a fabric list but can't get it to be in a drop down either.  Might be wishing to hard.


  • Barry FuhrmanBarry Fuhrman Gerber Staff 💛
    Hello @SLStone

    What type of file are you trying to import?
    Can you recreate the error and grab a screenshot?

    If you are working in V8 storage areas, fabric type is limited to one character, while V9 storage areas will allow up to 10 characters. 

    As for your comment about drop down menus, Model Editor allows you to input your fabric types directly. You can use PERU to request enhancements such as your desire for a drop down menu.

  • I get it now,  didn't know it allowed only 10.  What is PERU?
  • Barry FuhrmanBarry Fuhrman Gerber Staff 💛
    PERU is the Problem & Enhancement Report Utility, which you can find located on your desktop with the other AccuMark icons. It helps with reporting errors as well as submitting enhancement requests.
  • So is the fabric list is for your reference only and doesn't interact with the software?
    I have V11 BTW
  • Barry FuhrmanBarry Fuhrman Gerber Staff 💛
    Are you referring to the Fabric area located at the top right of the Model Editor?

    Here is a handy reference for the areas noted for fabric in the Model:

  • I can't get the category to show what I have in my list. Do I have to have PLM to use it?
  • Barry FuhrmanBarry Fuhrman Gerber Staff 💛
    You do not need YuniquePLM, and it should default to Fabric Table with the radio buttons above. You can click the ellipsis button to select a different fabric table (there should be a couple of optional tables available by default). Category isn't necessarily utilized in all of them.

    What is your goal with using the fabric tables?
    If you are only setting up the model for markers, you won't need to use the fabric tables or anything in that section.
  • I would like to specify which fabric the marker is for besides generic self or lining.  We cut the same model out of different types of fabrics for different SKUs
  • Barry FuhrmanBarry Fuhrman Gerber Staff 💛
    For marker making, you can name the fabric whatever you want up to 10 characters. Aside from the character limit, nothing has really changed about how that information is entered in the Model Editor. The fabric table itself wouldn't necessarily have an effect on what you describe, though there are options in V11 for how the fabric table can interact with Easy Order (you can find those in the What's New included with your software).

    @Patty Watson can you think of anything I may  be missing?
  • I check a model in data 90 to see if it was different and the names of different fabrics popped there, just can't figure out why my don't. I selected my table..
  • Patty WatsonPatty Watson Gerber Staff 💛
    When you selected your table and made edits, are you able to click it open and view to ensure the edits you made were saved? 
  • Must be something wrong with my table because when I select mine for the data 90 model, it does the same thing.  Also, model editor keeps freezing up with my model open.
  • Barry FuhrmanBarry Fuhrman Gerber Staff 💛
    When the Model Editor is freezing and you have the model open, what all do you have open? Depending on what you are doing, certain things will freeze until you close whatever item you may have opened out of it.

    For example, if you have a model open in PDS, and you launch Model Editor for that model from there, PDS will freeze until you close model editor. It helps to keep you from overwriting work unintentionally.
  • That's probably it. Why can't my fabric names populate though in the drop down, is there a link I should know about? No matter which model I open in Editor, if I use my table, it has strange things or nothing
    I'm trying to send screen shot but the paste is a blank box, tips?

  • Barry FuhrmanBarry Fuhrman Gerber Staff 💛
    How are you copying and pasting? You can use the insert image option above or add the image file as an attachment. I haven't had much luck with drag and drop here, though mileage could vary.

  • these are both using a model from data90 and my fabric table, does the exact same to mine and if I use data90 fabric list, it works fine on my model so that's why I think it's my list.
  • Barry FuhrmanBarry Fuhrman Gerber Staff 💛
    Category and Name are tied together in the fabric table itself, and there could be a problem with the way you are entering those values in your fabric table which could be causing the issues.

  • What are the rules for putting data in the table.  Such as spacing, commas, ect.
    I know in other areas there are rules.  Maybe that's it.
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