Changing the transparency of an image

Can you change the transparency of an image in omega 6.5? I want to impose a transparent image in front of a background. THANKS!


  • Adam FosterAdam Foster Posts: 86 Gerber Staff 💛
    Hi @Holtsignworks depending on the effect your trying to get you might want to try turning on overlap for the image. It will then print OVER whatever shape is under it. the other option would be to use Photoshop then bring it into omega as 1 image.
  • HoltsignworksHoltsignworks Posts: 12
    Thanks for your time to reply. I used Gimp and imported into composer. 
    Another question you may have an answer to... I'm just beginning to search online and in gerber manual - directions on how to adjust tint under the image tab in composer. I'm just playing around with the settings to get a particular tint yet not getting the results I want before sending to the printer. Do you know of a link or video or instructions for using "adjust tint?" Thanks in advance, Tina
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