Custom toolbar

Hello everyone, does anyone know how to save a custom toolbar so you can use it on another PC?

Thank you


  • Jaye BrownJaye Brown Gerber Staff 💛
    Hi Pascale:

    You can import/export your AccuMark, Marker, and PDS settings which (once settings have been imported) can be used on another computer.  You would go to AccuMark Explorer|File|Options|User Settings...and then select the settings you would like to export/import.  I hope this is clear and helpful.

  • @PascaleDahan
    Or You can also Export and Import Setting from 1 PC to another through Launch Pad like below:

    1. For Marker Making Application
    2. For PDS

  • edited August 14
    Thank you so much Jaye and Muhammad. :-)
    But, How/Where do I choose the custom toolbar. I got to Export Settings, but then it looks for the settings in my Documents. How do I choose the custom toolbar first? 
    Sorry, all good. I saved it to my documents. 

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